Basic meditation
teaches us
to work with ourselves
as we are,
free of the judgments
that cloud our vision.

By relaxing
into each moment
we can explore
the world
with kindness and courage.


Dr. Martin Rappeport

Dr. Rappeport is a clinical psychologist specializing in personal growth, stress management, and communication. He has been helping individuals, couples, and groups for more than three decades. In addition to his Mindful Journey teaching, he conducts a private practice in psychotherapy, and is the Clinical Director of Peer Support Programs for several ministries in the Ontario government.

Dr. Rappeport has been practicing mindfulness meditation since 1971, and he continues to explore the interconnection between meditative practice and psychological growth.

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Liz Rappeport

Liz Rappeport is a master teacher of somatic awareness, the movement teacher at ACT II, an adult theatre program at Ryerson University, and a body-mind therapist in private practice. Liz began her career as a yoga teacher and massage therapist, practiced as a Bioenergetic Therapist for twenty years, and continued to study and integrate major approaches to working with sensory awareness, movement, and emotional expression.

Liz Rappeport has been practicing mindfulness meditation since 1975, and her teaching of meditation draws upon her extensive knowledge of bodywork.  For her, meditation must be fully embodied if it is to help individuals acknowledge and release the barriers that impede deep personal growth.

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The Mindful Journey

Liz and Martin co-teach The Mindful Journey, and their blend of styles presents both a broad and detailed view of meditation and the process of personal transformation. They present ideas and practices in clear and accessible language, and are able to address individual and common concerns within a safe and exploratory environment. In both their teaching and writing they address the excitement, difficulties, and liberating sense of wholeness that accompanies genuine growth.