The Mindful Journey is taught by
Martin and Liz Rappeport.

Dr. Martin Rappeport
is a clinical psychologist specializing in mindfulness-based approaches to anxiety, stress, and personal growth.

Liz Rappeport
is a body-mind therapist, and a teacher of creative movement.

Both of them have been practicing meditation and teaching for over three decades.

The Mindful Journey is an approach to personal transformation and spiritual growth based on the integration of mindfulness meditation, somatic awareness and relaxation, and psychological exploration. The joining of these paths offers complementary insights and practices that can help us work more effectively with difficulties, experience relationships and life more fully, and bring us into better balance with ourselves and the natural world.

The practice of mindfulness meditation connects us to the present moment and lets us open to the world as it is. Somatic awareness lets us regain the fundamental connection between mind and body, between inner experience and outer expression. Physical relaxation helps us develop genuine confidence by reducing fear and anxiety, and letting us explore things more courageously. Psychological exploration helps us understand our complex nature and move towards greater authenticity and wholeness. These combined paths converge in essential ways that help clarify ideas and enhance the ongoing process of growth.

The goal of the Mindful Journey is to provide introductory and advanced courses that help individuals understand and skillfully practice these experiential disciplines. Beginning courses emphasize basic awareness and relaxation exercises for reducing stress; while more advanced courses explore deeper aspects of meditation and psychological growth.

Mindful Journey programs are offered in Richmond Hill, Ontario, and in the Metropolitan Toronto area.